Monktec - Red Room EP

by Black Vault Recordings

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With the city of Boston finally awakening from its frozen slumber these past few months, producers such as Monktec are emerging from the inclemency with a wave of harsh yet energetic compositions. Hot off the (digital) printing press, his Red Room EP is a shivering glance at a wintry city deep within its dormancy.

The title track shares much of its heritage from Berlin, equally as harsh a place when the sunlight tops out at 8 hours per day. It’s a wide corridor to navigate; at 12 minutes, there are plenty of subtle twists to navigate as the brooding atmospherics unfold with each passage. The equally morbid “Anger Chain” lays pounding slabs of percussion into a concrete concoction of thick, harsh overtones and impermeable bass notes. This is one of the better examples of homegrown techno I’ve heard in quite some time.


released April 1, 2013

Written By: Monktec -
Produced By: Monktec -
Distributed By: Black Vault Recordings -
Mastered By: Darkroom Mastering -



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